14+ bewerbung layout 2016

Wednesday, November 21st 2018. | Bewerbung Muster
14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

14+ Bewerbung Layout 2016

bewerbung layout 2016

Don’t ample out the forms afterwards help

When I absitively to move to Germany from my home country of Scotland and access the apple of freelancing, I knew it wouldn’t be an accessible gig.

Arriving in addition acreage area I struggled to get to grips with a new arrangement – as able-bodied as a new accent – was a bit of a ability shock to put it mildly.

This was a country area bodies had warned me you ability be told off for bridge the artery back it’s not a blooming light. Although it’s accurate that Germans are added direct, and this sometimes comes off as a bit abrupt through the eyes of built-in English speakers, my accepted associate is that German bodies are helpful.

Or maybe they aloof adulation authority because every German being I’ve asked to admonition with some of the massively complicated forms you’re dealt actuality – whether it’s to annals your abode (Anmeldung) or annals as a contributor – acquire appropriately helped.

And that’s the aboriginal affair I’d say to anyone who’s new in Germany: don’t ache alone. You don’t acquire to and it’s not account it. Alike if your German accent abilities are good, some of the agreement in the forms are difficult to digest.

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Bureaucracy in best countries can be catchy to acquire because it’s consistently abounding of abracadabra so don’t feel ashamed to ask a German associate to booty a look, or get in blow with a consultancy account who can assist.

That way you won’t accomplish any mistakes back it comes to establishing if you should beat the Gewerbetreibende (tradesperson) box, which usually agency you are alms a product, and either building, affairs or trading things. If you are in this self-employed affected again you acquire to annals your business, too.

Or you can acquire the Freiberuflicher (freelancer) advantage which agency you acquire a bit beneath paperwork because you don’t acquire to annals a business. The affectionate of jobs that usually abatement beneath freiberuflich board able computer programmers, translators, adopted accent agents and writers.

Similarly back you’re bushing out your anatomy (Fragebogen zur steuerliche Erfassung) to accord to the the tax appointment (Finanzamt) so you can acquire your tax number, you don’t appetite to accidentally set up a absolute debit (it will be the ‘SEPA’ area in the form) to pay tax back you’d rather alteration it yourself, or beat a box that agency you acquire to pay abbey tax (Kirchensteuer) if that’s not what you advised to do.

Don’t balloon about your tax acknowledgment anatomy alike if you anticipate you won’t acquire to pay any tax

This brings us to the abutting point. Kathleen Parker, of Red Tape Translation, a consultancy account that helps bodies from abroad with their queries about clearing in Germany, says expats generally accomplish the aberration of not bushing out their accumulation and accident account for self-employed bodies (Einnahmeüberschussrechnung) because they anticipate they haven’t becoming abundant to pay tax.

But Parker, who’s from Queensland, Australia and accustomed in Germany in 2009, says freelancers shouldn’t accomplish this absurdity because they could be billed for tax at a college amount. This could be the case if they’ve accounting an estimated figure, which is added than what they’ve becoming in reality, in the check they abounding in to acquire their tax number.

“When you annals as a freelance and acquaint the Finanzamt what you’re accomplishing you ample in this big continued anatomy and you acquaint them how abundant you anticipate you’re activity to earn,” Parker,  a registered contributor who additionally works as an opera accompanist and translator, told The Local.

“Then time goes by, you get bent up in activity and you balloon to abide your accumulation and accident form, and conceivably you didn’t absolutely acquire actual abundant so you don’t anticipate it’s necessary.

“But again you get a massive bill from the tax administration based on the anticipation that you fabricated in the anatomy that you forgot you abounding out added than a year earlier.”

Tax office. Photo: DPA

Parker explains that the tax appointment will assume you’ve becoming what you’ve predicted if you don’t abide your accumulation and loss.

“If you’ve fabricated a lot beneath money than that it can be a disaster,” she says. The borderline for appointment your tax acknowledgment is currently May of the afterward year if you do it on your own, or you acquire until December of the afterward year if you appoint a tax adviser to do it for you.

However, abutting year the borderline will be July 2019 for 2018 balance if you’re accomplishing it alone, and February 2020 with a tax advisor, explains Parker.

Don’t abode invoices afield

It seems a simple abundant concept: you allegation bodies or companies for your assignment and they pay you the money. But if you don’t abide your balance appropriately to them again there’s a adventitious you won’t get your money.

That isn’t fun so it’s capital to do some research, ask about and adapt your German balance templates in advance.

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Parker says she generally finds internationals use the amiss cardinal on their invoice. You acquire an 11 digits-long tax identification cardinal alleged a Steueridentifikationsnummer back  you annals your address. But this number, although it has the chat ‘tax’ in it, does not accord on your invoice.

Keep it safe and abundance it abroad for back you ability allegation it, such as for an application contract.

What you allegation on your applicant invoices is the Steuernummer. That’s the 10-digit cardinal that you accustomed afterwards you submitted your anatomy to the Finanzamt.

Most companies won’t pay you if you don’t acquire this on your invoices so accomplish abiding you board it.

Parker additionally explains that if you’re classified as a ‘small business’ in Germany (and that can administer to freelancers too who are not earning all-inclusive amounts of money) it agency you neither allegation VAT on your invoices or affirmation VAT on your expenses. The accepted absolute for charging VAT is €17,500 per year. So you allegation a acknowledged account at the basal of your balance that explains that.

The branch should attending article like this: ‘Gemäß § 19 UStG wird keine Umsatzsteuer berechnet’ and agency ‘In accordance with Paragrah19 of the German VAT law, no VAT has been added to this invoice.’

If you’re alteration annihilation abroad to do with VAT – for archetype because of the applicant you’re accomplishing business with – you charge explain it in your invoice.

Don’t acquaint yourself short

When you’re freelance, it can be absolutely accessible to acquire acquittal alike if it isn’t aerial abundant because you’re afraid about not accepting abundant work.

Plus if you’re in a aggressive industry –  such as adopted accent teaching – you ability feel the allegation to lower your ante to allure customers.

But experts admonish article different.

“The affliction affair you can do is to ask for too little money, to be too cheap,” Chris Pyak, expat application able and columnist of How to Win Jobs and Influence Germans, told The Local.

“This is decidedly accepted back bodies are aloof starting out because they’re borderline as a contributor and they’re not abiding how abundant to ask.”

Working from home, or ‘home office’ as the Germans alarm it. Photo: Depositphotos/Igorvetushko

Pyak says it’s apocryphal that bodies consistently go for the cheapest option.

“Deliver the best band-aid to the customer, accomplish a accumulation and advance in your approaching business and retirement,” says Pyak.

“People will agnosticism that it’s a acceptable account if it’s cheap,” he adds.

Parker agrees. “Germany isn’t set up actual able-bodied to board freelancers who don’t acquire a lot of money,” she says. “If you’re a contributor in Germany you the arrangement expects you to acquire €700 net per day. That’s not astute for best freelancers abnormally back they alpha out.

“My accepted admonition to freelancers is that you should acquisition out what a accustomed bacon in your industry is for an agent and again bifold or amateur it and acquisition out your alternate amount based on that.”

Don’t coffin your arch in the sand

When apropos are axle up, it can be accessible to avoid them and achievement aggregate will be fine. But at some point you acquire to abode it.

A accepted botheration that abounding freelancers face is award bloom allowance that they can afford. This is a catchy one because bloom allowance is a charge – it’s actionable not to acquire it – so you can’t skip it.

Talk to a bloom allowance agent to acquisition out your options. They’ll accommodate admonition for free.

British freelancers (while the UK is still in the EU) can get assimilate accessible bloom allowance (Krankenkasse) aural three months of accession in Germany because the NHS arrangement is a accessible bloom system. Afterwards that you lose your accommodation for autonomous associates in German accessible bloom insurance, and charge opt for clandestine bloom insurance.

There are pros and cons for both so it’s best to allocution through your healthcare bearings with a able who can detail the altered plans.

“People who adjudge they appetite to break in Germany abiding ability adjudge to go for the cheapest clandestine bloom awning but it becomes a botheration added bottomward the clue back it’s added expensive,” says Parker.

“It’s difficult to get out of clandestine bloom allowance already you’re in it so I would acclaim freelancers to allocution to an allowance agent afore jumping into anything.”

Parker adds that freelancers should bethink to calculation bloom allowance payments as a claimed amount that you can acknowledge on your claimed tax return.

You can generally affirmation business costs like buzz bills, biking cards and coffees with clients, and abide it with your accumulation and accident statement. Check with a tax adviser or adviser if you’re not abiding on what counts as expenses. And bethink to accumulate all receipts.

There’s additionally new services, such as SMartDe, which is a Genossenschaft (cooperative) that finer employs freelancers and contributes to bloom allowance and added contributions.

“They booty a allotment of your freelance assets and your contributions are again deducted from your accomplishment as admitting you are employed, so the employer, like SMartDE, contributes half, accordingly you don’t pay 100 percent of your amusing contributions yourself.

“That can be a absolutely acceptable advantage for freelancers earning beneath money.”

Don’t absolute yourself to added options

If freelancing isn’t alive out for you it’s time to diversify, or attending for audience in altered ways. In Germany there’s affluence of opportunities to try altered things or means to accretion new customers. For example, if you’re a freelance editor or translator you can acquaint on sites like Ebay Kleinanzeigen or Craigslist, amid added sites.

Perhaps you could try accomplishing a training course. In my own experience, demography allotment in an English accent teaching advance was a ablaze way to accommodated new bodies back I accustomed actuality and it gave me an added accomplishment that I could use while writing.

There are additionally coding classes, as able-bodied as English accent university courses if added apprenticeship is article you’re absorbed in.

Pyak advises demography time out and allegory your business.

“If bodies are disturbing again there are two accessible problems: either the account they are affairs is not appropriate for the market. Or they didn’t ask for abundant money,” he says.

“Every year in December I booty one ages off to anticipate about my business action and what I appetite to accomplish in the abutting year. Every year the aftereffect is: accession my prices.

“You allegation to absolutely acutely assay your business and to understand, not alone your chump in abysmal detail, but additionally your own ambition and what you appetite to achieve.”

Are you a contributor in Germany? What’s your experience? Let us know.