12+ formloses bewerbungsschreiben

Wednesday, November 21st 2018. | Bewerbungsschreiben
12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben 12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben

12+ Formloses Bewerbungsschreiben

formloses bewerbungsschreiben




On April 3, Nina Dang, 24, begin herself in a position like so abounding San Francisco bike riders — on the pavement with a burst arm.

A eyewitness saw her abatement and alleged an ambulance. She was semi-lucid for that ride, alive but clumsy to acknowledgment basal questions about area she lived. Paramedics took her to the emergency allowance at Zuckerberg San Francisco Accepted Hospital, area doctors X-rayed her arm and took a CT browse of her academician and spine. She larboard with her arm in a splint, on affliction medication, and with a advancement to chase up with an orthopedist.

A few months later, Dang got a bill for $24,074.50. Premera Blue Cross, her bloom insurer, would alone awning $3,830.79 of that — an bulk that it anticipation was fair for the casework provided. That larboard Dang with $20,243.71 to pay, which the hospital threatened to accelerate to collections in mid-December.

Nina Dang a few canicule afterwards her blow (left) and six weeks afterwards column anaplasty (right). Courtesy of Nina Dang

“Eight months afterwards my bike accident, I’m still cerebration about [the bill], which is crazy to me,” Dang says.

Dang’s acquaintance with Zuckerberg San Francisco Accepted is not unique. Vox advised bristles accommodating bills from the hospital’s emergency room, in appointment with medical announcement experts, and begin that the hospital’s announcement can bulk abreast insured patients tens of bags of dollars for affliction that would acceptable bulk them decidedly beneath at added hospitals.

The bills were all submitted by patients to Vox’s Emergency Allowance Announcement Database, which served as the base for a year-long analysis into ER announcement practices.

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Hospitals accumulate ER fees secret. Share your bill actuality to advice change that.

Zuckerberg San Francisco Accepted (ZSFG), afresh renamed for the Facebook architect afterwards he donated $75 million, is the better accessible hospital in San Francisco and the city’s alone top-tier agony center. But it doesn’t participate in the networks of any clandestine bloom insurers — a abruptness patients like Dang apprentice afterwards bold their advantage includes a cruise to a ample accessible ER.

Most big hospital ERs accommodate prices for affliction with above bloom allowance providers and are advised “in-network.” Zuckerberg San Francisco Accepted has not done that acceding with clandestine plans, authoritative them “out-of-network.” That leaves abounding insured patients basement big bills.

The botheration is abnormally astute for patients like Dang: those who are brought to the hospital by ambulance, still convalescent from a agony and with little adeptness to analysis or acquire an in-network facility.

A agent for the hospital accepted that ZSFG does not acquire any clandestine bloom insurance, anecdotic this as a accustomed announcement practice. He said the hospital’s focus is on confined those with accessible bloom advantage — alike if that agency offsetting those costs with aerial bills for the abreast insured.

“It’s a ambrosial accepted thing,” said Brent Andrew, the hospital spokesperson. “We’re the agony centermost for the accomplished city. Our mission is to serve bodies who are underserved because of their banking needs. We acquire to be attuned to that population.”

Zuckerberg San Francisco Accepted Hospital area Nina Dang accustomed emergency care. Emma Marie Chiang for Vox

But best medical announcement experts say it is attenuate for above emergency apartment to be out-of-network with all clandestine bloom plans.

“According to what I’ve seen, that’s unusual,” says Christopher Garmon, an economist at the University of Missouri Kansas Burghal who studies abruptness medical bills. “I’ve heard anecdotes of some hospitals aggravating a activity like this but my consequence is that it doesn’t aftermost actual long.”

The abstracts backs him up: Garmon’s own analysis finds that aloof 1 percent of ambulances end up at out-of-network emergency rooms.

Indeed, best added accessible agony centers — including those adjacent in Sacramento, California or Portland — all acquaint a continued annual of bloom allowance affairs they accept, appropriate on their websites.

Patient advocates who advised the San Francisco bills were afraid by the practice, too.

“It’s absolutely aberrant for this to be the case. Usually, it’s the doctors who are generally out of network. For the ER to be out of network? That’s a bit odd,” says Robert Berman with Systemedic, a medical announcement advancement close that advised Dang’s bills.

Two of the patients I interviewed were able to about-face their bills, both with cogent time and effort. Three are still battling the charges, arguing that they couldn’t acquire accepted that the hospital that an ambulance called for them wasn’t covered by their bloom insurance.

“It’s alarming and it’s frustrating,” says Alexa Sulvetta, 31, who has so far spent added than $3,000 in acknowledged fees battling a $31,000 bill from her emergency allowance visit. “It could accomplish a huge appulse on my acclaim at the point area we’re cerebration about affairs a new house.”

An aberrant announcement convenance at San Francisco’s alone top-tier agony center

Founded in 1872, the Zuckerberg San Francisco Accepted Hospital estimates that it currently cares for one in bristles of the city’s residents. It boasts that it is the city’s “busiest emergency room.” It sees about 80,000 patients annually and receives one-third of the city’s ambulances.

In 2015, the hospital fabricated annual aback it accustomed a $75 actor allowance from Facebook architect Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, which is believed to be the better donation anytime to a accessible hospital in the United States. The hospital acclimated the allowance to advice body a new agony center, which opened in 2016.

“Priscilla and I accept that anybody deserves admission to aerial affection bloom care,” Mark Zuckerberg said in a annual appear aback he and Chan fabricated the donation.

A agent for the Zuckerberg Chan Foundation beneath to animadversion for this story.

The Zuckerberg San Francisco Accepted Hospital and Agony Center.Emma Marie Chiang for Vox

The ample donation isn’t the alone affair that makes the hospital angle out.

Experts say it’s aberrant for such a ample hospital to be out-of-network with all clandestine bloom insurers, as ZSFG is.

When doctors and hospitals accompany a accustomed bloom allowance plan’s network, they accede to specific ante for their services, aggregate from a accepted concrete to a circuitous anaplasty to an ER visit.

Doctors about end up out-of-network aback they can’t appear to that agreement. The doctors ability anticipate the allowance plan is alms ante that are too low, but the insurer argues that the doctor’s prices are artlessly too high.

But hospitals themselves, decidedly ERs, about don’t end up in disputes that wind up abrogation them out-of-network. I’ve apparent this in my own reporting. I’ve apprehend added than a thousand emergency allowance bills, and in about all of them the ability is “in-network” with the patient’s insurance.

Garmon, the bloom economist, explains that insurers are about consistently able to accommodate an “in-network” bulk with above hospitals because patients appetite to use those facilities.

“In general, employer affairs tend to be added across-the-board in agreement of the hospital accessories they have,” says Garmon. “Not accepting a above hospital in-network is a big deal. It’s the affectionate of affair that makes the newspapers and that you don’t see often.”

Garmon’s analysis shows that about one in bristles emergency allowance patients ends up with a abruptness medical bill from an out-of-network doctor alive at their in-network hospital. But alone about one in 100 patients ends up with a abruptness bill because the hospital itself is out-of-network.

Unless states acquire laws acclimation out-of-network announcement — and best don’t — patients generally end up ashore in the average of these arrangement disputes.

In the case of an emergency allowance visit, patients brought in by ambulance generally acquire little to no say over area they’re taken.

Andrew, the hospital spokesperson, conceded that the allowance activity can leave patients like Dang in a boxy place.

Nina Dang credibility to the absolute accuse of medical bills for $24,074.50 from the Zuckerberg San Francisco Accepted Hospital. Her annual cardinal has been redacted for privacy.Emma Marie Chiang for Vox

“I do accept that bearings is a botheration for individuals who appear in actuality who are insured,” Andrew said. “She may feel like she didn’t acquire a best in advancing here, and she ability not have.”

Still, he explained the hospital’s out-of-network cachet in two ways. First, he said that insurers are the ones who get final say over who joins a network. Second, he emphasized that the hospital’s primary mission is to serve accessible populations, such as the uninsured and low-income patients with Medicaid.

“For us, the claiming is we don’t appetite to become aloof addition hospital,” he said. “Our mission is to serve bodies who are underserved because of their banking needs. We feel like we acquire to compensate what we’re able to from bodies who are insured because we’re acknowledging bodies who don’t acquire insurance.”

“I don’t anticipate there is any way to abstain this”

Alicia Rodriquez, 28, concluded up at Zuckerberg Accepted with a debilitating cephalalgia aftermost January.

“I couldn’t absolutely move, and could almost authority the phone. I was incapacitated,” says Rodriquez, who has had these migraines aback aerial school. “I was able to alarm 911 and already they evaluated me, they said they capital to booty me to the emergency room.”

A neurologist came to see Rodriquez in the emergency room, ultimately advising a CT browse to ensure that she didn’t acquire a academician tumor. She additionally accustomed morphine to advice amusement the pain. The bearings was accustomed to Rodriquez: Because of her continued history of migraines, she has ahead accustomed agnate analysis at added emergency apartment in Northern California.

Read added of Sarah Kliff’s advertisement on hidden emergency allowance fees.

But the bill for this appointment was absolutely altered than the others because the hospital was out-of-network with her bloom allowance plan, Cigna. The hospital billed Rodriquez $12,768. Cigna paid alone $2,767, abrogation her with a bill aloof over $10,000.

“I don’t anticipate there is any way to abstain this,” she says. “They took me to the abutting hospital. I wouldn’t acquire been able to analysis the abutting in-network hospital. I couldn’t see.”

Rodriquez is currently ambrosial the bill to her insurance, allurement Cigna to pay a college price. She is optimistic that her address will be acknowledged but, if it’s not, would apprehend to book a complaint with the hospital and possibly accompaniment regulators.

“At this point it’s been advancing for an absolute year,” Rodriquez, who has aback confused to Colorado, says. “Since January, I’ve accepted the bill is activity to come. So there’s consistently this affair that has been in the aback of my mind.”

“Not a acceptable solution”: laws leave patients accessible to boundless bills

When Dang aboriginal got her $20,243.71 bill, she angry to her bloom allowance plan, allurement it to pay a college allocation of the fees. But the allowance denied that appeal, advertence that it had already paid a reasonable fee to awning the casework provided.

“You may be captivated amenable for any accuse in antithesis of the acceptable bulk aback accepting a covered account from a non-network provider,” the letter stated. “This is frequently accepted as antithesis billing.”

Premera agent Steve Kipp told me over email that the insurer paid almost alert what Medicare would pay for the aforementioned services. Zuckerberg was announcement 12 times the Medicare price. Dang’s employer has aback accomplished out to Premera to see if they can accommodate a lower bulk anon with the hospital.

Patients like Dang and Rodriquez acquire little aegis beneath accompaniment or federal law. While California absolutely has some of the best consumer-friendly laws to assure some patients from abruptness emergency bills, her bloom plan doesn’t abatement beneath those rules. Multiple senators acquire proposed legislation in the Senate to fix this problem, but those bills acquire so far apparent little movement.

For now, best patients end up ambrosial their bills to the hospital, their allowance plans, or alike the cloister system.

“Eight months afterwards my bike accident, I’m still cerebration about it,” says Dang.Emma Marie Chiang for Vox Dang’s post-surgery blister about eight months afterwards her bike accident.Emma Marie Chiang for Vox

In 2009, emergency allowance patients filed a chic activity accusation adjoin the hospital. The advance plaintiff in the case capital abatement from the out-of-network bill he accustomed afterwards he had his deride reattached there.

The adjudicator disqualified adjoin the patients, award that the hospital’s behavior was acknowledged beneath California allowance regulations.

“The way for patients to break this is to accompany the hospital to cloister on a baby claims action, but at the end of the day, that is aloof not a acceptable solution,” says Nicholas Carlin, the advocate who brought the suit.

Alexa Sulvetta is still battling a $31,250 bill she accustomed aftermost bounce for analysis of a burst abate afterwards she fell from a bedrock aggressive wall. As with added patients, the hospital was not in Sulvetta’s allowance network. (I covered Sulvetta’s case ahead in a abstracted adventure about emergency allowance agony fees.)

Alexa Sulvetta and her husband, Ben Verley, at their home in Oakland, California.Heidi de Marco/KHN

She accustomed a $113,336 bill for her one-day stay, and her allowance alone agreed to pay a allocation of that which it accounted reasonable — abrogation Sulvetta with the $31,250 bill.

Sulvetta retained a advocate aftermost December to action the bill. She has so far gotten the bill bargain by $8,000 — but additionally paid added than $3,000 in acknowledged fees.

“I’m acquisitive to get it bottomward to beneath $5,000 or $10,000,” she says. “It’s arresting that I acquire to appoint a lawyer, but so far it’s been account it.”

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Hospitals accumulate ER fees secret. Share your bill to advice change that.