13+ bewerbungen muster 2013

Wednesday, November 21st 2018. | Bewerbung Muster
13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013

13+ Bewerbungen Muster 2013

bewerbungen muster 2013



Where: CBC

When: Jan. 7, 9 p.m.

Info: cbc.ca

Serinda Swan acquainted there was added to her new TV appearance coroner Jenny Cooper than the abstraction of actual fluids, bark tissue and claret aerosol patterns.

Swan acquainted Cooper, the advance in the new CBC ball Coroner, had an centralized activity that was additionally accomplished for dissection.

“I absolutely appetite to accumulate her as animal as possible. I don’t appetite her to be a coroner that happens to be a person. I capital her to be a actuality who happens to be a coroner,” Swan said she told Coroner execuitve ambassador and director Adrienne Mitchell and showrunner/creator Morwyn Brebner aback they were discussing the role.

“I capital to be able to advance with her humanity. I capital to advance with aggregate she feels.”

In the new eight-part alternation we accommodated Swan aloof as her bedmate has alone dead.

Once an emergency allowance doctor, Swan’s ascent all-overs has affected her to accomplish big changes and cross new, actual often, affecting waters. To admonition alpha afresh she packs up her boyish son moves to Toronto and takes a job as a coroner.

The CBC ball Corner stars Serinda Swan as coroner Jenny Cooper. Photo: Ben Mark HolzbergBen Mark Holzberg / PNG

“First and foremost it’s watching a woman’s acquaintance in this new life,” added Swan, who grew up in West Vancouver but has alleged Los Angeles home aback 2009.

“Jenny is an amazing acquaintance for me because she is absolutely a awe-inspiring one and I adulation her for that. I adulation activity to assignment and accepting to explore,” added Swan about her character, who is based on the advocate in the book alternation by columnist M.R. Hall.

Cooper is as circuitous and busted up as they get, but at the aforementioned time she is a focused accuracy appellant who isn’t balked by either red band or old ways. She is thorough, anxious and abiding in her admiration to able a case. She works carefully with a detective played by Vancouver’s Roger Cross.

This new role marks a able accession to Swan’s resume which over the aftermost decade has included abounding TV roles, best conspicuously Inhumans, Ballers, Chicago Fire and Breakout Kings.

The babe of a theatre administrator (Scott Swan) and an added angry airy healer (Alandra Napali Kai) Swan’s aboriginal gig was alongside her mother on the Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini 1989 blur Cousins aback she was aloof three years old. She remembers there was candy.

Serinda Swan.Ben Mark Holzberg / PNG

In her adolescence she began to archetypal but that activity was not for Swan. She didn’t like the scene, the action and what it represented and how it fabricated her feel. She says it was a activity she was blessed to airing abroad from.

“We can all be bamboozled into cerebration our amount is the animal activity we can get from addition person, or the animal absorption we can get,” said Swan abacus she never saw herself as a archetypal angry actor.

“That has annihilation to do with me. That’s my mother. That’s my father. That’s my genetics,” said Swan of her model-friendly looks.  “If I alone await on my analysis for my life’s adroitness afresh I’m a bit of a jackass.”

Her new TV appearance is a continued way from bright annual pictorials. Abiding she has abundant eyebrows but Jenny isn’t active about abomination scenes in four-inch stilettos and altogether tailored, artist suits.

“I put on 8 lbs for the appearance and I fabricated abiding aback I cut my beard my bangs were a little off. I capital it to attending utilitarian. I capital it to attending like she did it in her sink,” said Swan.

“I didn’t appetite this to be a appealing agleam character.”

A brace of Hunter gumboots acclimated for alfresco abomination arena investigations is as adorned as Cooper gets.

Swan is attractive to actuality over sex appeal, plan and simple.

“The bodies who accept constancy in this industry are the bodies who accept fabricated themselves, and they accept fabricated themselves into abounding altered characters,” said Swan, who played Anne Bancroft adverse Jessica Lange’s Joan Crawford in TV mogul Ryan Murphy’s miniseries Feud.

“As a woman we are told our amount decreases as we get older,” added Swan.  “I’m like: my amount absolutely increases. On the alfresco I may not be admired as abundant by association but the conversations I can accept and my adeptness to accord to society, the acumen that increases my value.”

There is no chat yet if Swan will get to comedy Cooper again, that will be bent afterwards the alternation goes to air. Either way she says she is absolutely appreciative of the appearance and admired that she got to shoot it in Toronto and Toronto got to abide Toronto.

“I anticipate through specificity it creates universality. You attending at shows like Shetland or Blessed Valley — these BBC shows that are so specific to their little towns, and we adulation them. We adulation them because we feel like we are allotment of the community. We apperceive the bounded pub. We apprentice about altered areas. We get to see the landscapes. It’s so specific and you become so invested. Allotment of the acumen why I took this activity was because it is so specific. It is a Canadian woman in Toronto. We are cutting it in burghal Toronto. We are talking about Dundas; we shoot in the TIFF building. Our accent is actual specific to Toronto.”

It additionally has a accent actual specific to the job.

Coroner is a procedural ball and these types of shows booty some added assignment and some alfresco admonition to cull off. Medical specialists are active on as consultants to admonition the actors with aggregate from the captivation of a scalpel, to the bend of an incision, to what to abrasion to work.

Swan additionally had an added able on set if she bare to allocution about actuality a coroner. In actuality she had admission to the OG Canadian TV coroner Nicholas Campbell, a.k.a. Dominic Da Vinci, from Da Vinci’s Inquest. Campbell shows up in this new alternation as Cooper’s father.

“He’s a legend,” said Swan, aback asked about the award-winning Campbell. “It was a absolute fluke. It was hilarious.

“On the aftermost day of cutting he said this is one of his favourite projects he has anytime formed on,” added Swan. “It brought tears to my eyes.”

Swan said Campbell offered to angle her up with coroners and pathologists he knew if she capital to get some questions answered or aloof apprentice air-conditioned actuality like how she should acknowledge aback she comes across

So afterwards eight episodes and affluence of bodies does Swan accept a acceptable adventure or alluring actuality she can cull out at a banquet party?

“Oh yeah, I do,” said Swan, who afresh explained what happens in a approved dissection afterwards they booty out organs and anatomize and analysis them.

“At the end of it everything, including your brain, goes into a chicken artificial bag and gets sewn into your stomach, your chest cavity,” said Swan. “So any time there is anytime an accessible casket aggregate is aloof in there, in the stomach, in a bag.”

Right now Swan is aback at home in Los Angeles and alive on the apprenticeship technology aggregation that she co-founded two years ago.

Deedly (as in acceptable deeds) is a chargeless apprenticeship app to which kids brand 6 to 12 can assurance up with their teachers. In the app is a class that is based about apple issues like brainy health, education, abjection and ecology conservation. Through the app kids accept admission to charities that assignment with those issues.

To date Deedly has piloted in 500 schools so far and it will be accessible in Canada in abatement 2019.

This activity is an addendum of Swan’s added absorption of alive with Together1Heart and the U.N. to action animal trafficking.

“I had this moment in 2011 aback I accomplished that my articulation can’t aloof be cogent my story. It needs to be an accomplished voice, and it needs to acquaint the adventure of many,” said Swan.

Swan sees acclaim not as a abode to abide on a basement but rather a abode to body a belvedere that will abutment abounding people.

“That gave me permission to hunt acclaim or hunt celebrity in the way that I can now. Because afore it was aloof this egotistic thing,” said Swan.

“I am now: Accord me that spotlight I accept article to say because I accept sat in refugee camps on the bound of South Sudan. I accept sat with women who were victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia and I’ve sat bottomward and done this assignment and I accept belief to tell.

“I accept things that I appetite to change and if you chase me on Instagram I’m activity to acquaint you what I’m cerebration either about my favourite sweater or about the bearings in Myanmar. I am addition out what my articulation is, who I am as I go but beneath and beneath I am actuality controlled or actuality tricked into this agleam adaptation of myself.”

Roger Cross as Det. ‘Mac’ McAvoy in a arena from the new CBC ball Coroner. Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg.Ben Mark Holzberg / PNG

A active amateur for two decades Roger Cross has had alternating roles on shows like Taken, The L-Word, The X-Files, 24, Continuum and Arrow to name a few.

Now Cross can be apparent as Detective Mac McAvoy in CBC’s new TV ball Coroner, which debuts Jan. 7 at 9 p.m., and stars addition Vancouver amateur Serinda Swan.

The alternation captivated in backward November, and Cross had some time to acknowledgment some questions:

Q: Do you still accept ancestors in Vancouver?

A: Best of my actual ancestors still lives in Vancouver.

Q: What comes to apperception aback you anticipate of Vancouver and aboriginal affective actuality from Jamaica at age 11?

A: Fresh air and beauty.  It was a abundant abate burghal aback I aboriginal confused actuality a few amateur years back, but you can still see the accustomed adorableness of this city.

Q: What is on your must-do account aback you appear aback to Vancouver?

A: Besides seeing family, I adulation activity to Riddim & Spice and accepting some Jamaican food.  The ancestors and I additionally adulation activity on walks and hikes.

Q: You accept an aerodynamics amount from Trinity Western University, and you were a pilot. Do you still fly?

A: I don’t get to fly actual often.  Insurance companies get a little afraid aback actors fly, so it’s on the “dangerous activities” list.  The aftermost time I went up was about a year ago.

Q: What’s your favourite plane, and why?

A: I adulation the new 787 Dreamliner.  It’s an amazingly able and admirable airplane, additional it’s absolutely adequate to be on.

Q: You are affectionate of a Vancouver blur industry OG actor, as your IMDB folio credits go aback to 21 Jump Street, Wiseguy and Neon Rider. What do you bethink best from those aboriginal jobs?

A: Joy!  It was all so new and agitative for me, and I was aloof acquirements so much.

Q: What’s a allotment of admonition you would accord a adolescent amateur starting out?

A: 1. Acquisition out who you are:  Learn the acceptable and bad, and be honest with yourself.  Then you’ll be able to use all the accoutrement at your disposal.  2.  Work adamantine at your craft, and never stop learning.  3.  Love what you do. This industry can be asperous on you, If you don’t adulation what you do, it will bite you up and discharge you out; or you’ll become contemptuous and bitter, alike if you succeed.

Q: What is the better aberration in the Vancouver blur industry aback your aboriginal days?

A: The arduous admeasurement of it.  We acclimated to accept a few appearance and movies, and you knew everyone. Now there are dozens of shows and movies at any accustomed time.

Q: You accept formed consistently for abounding years. Aside from your aptitude what has been the key to alive so much?

A: I adulation what I do, and I never stop learning.

Q: What was the job that fabricated you anticipate you could accomplish a active at this?

A: The International Rescue that I attempt in China was the accurate spark, and aback I got aback to Vancouver and appointed Wiseguy, I knew I was in the appropriate place.

Q: What do bodies best admit you from, and what do they ask you?

A: It depends area I am.  Everyone has a altered favourite for assorted reasons.  But, because of the consequence of it, 24 is apparently the one.  And the catechism best asked is, “Why did they accept Jack shoot you, man?  It didn’t accomplish sense, Curtis consistently had his back”.

Q: How abounding cops accept you played over the years?

A: I accept absent count.

Q: Do you accept a favourite character? One you admired you could accept spent added time playing?

A: Aside from my accepted role as Det. McAvoy, I’d accept to go with Travis Verta on Continuum,  Curtis on 24, or Six on Dark Matter.

Q: What’s this latest cop, Det. McAvoy, like? What are his strengths and weaknesses?

A: McAvoy is a complicated man.  He’s abundant at his job, but his claimed activity needs work.  He has been on the job a continued time and, as is apt to happen, he becomes a bit jaded. He has been affiliated a few times, and his accepted accord isn’t the healthiest. But he’s a actual aloof and fair man and reads bodies actual well.

Q: Does he accept secrets? It seems like he has some secrets.

A: He best absolutely has some skeletons in the closet, but you’ll accept to tune in to acquisition out added about them.

Q: Do you get afraid aback you alpha a new job?

A: I’m not abiding it’s nerves, but the apprehension of starting a new job is consistently there.  You’re not abiding how your assuming of this appearance will be received, how this administrator and producers will be to assignment with, and what your adolescent actors will be like to assignment with.

Q: Actors generally are superstitious. Are you?

A: Not really. I accept no set arrangement for anything.

Q: Do you alive in L.A.? If so, how continued accept you lived there?

A: I do alive allotment time in LA and Vancouver.  I alternate to say, but it’s advancing up on 20 years in L.A.

Q: This is a bit broad, but what’s it like appropriate now to be a Canadian in America? Do you feel a difference? Is the accepted political altitude consistently the affair of discussion?

A: I anticipate the apple is activity afraid about the accepted political climate. The U.S. went from an amazingly eloquent, educated, and fair president, who showed the apple the U.S. was advanced in the appropriate direction, to this accepted p—y grabbing, egocentric, conniving, beggarly president.  So, yes, it’s consistently a affair of discussion.

Q: What’s your abutting job?

A: I’m alive on some autograph projects that accept been put on authority while I was working, so I’m not currently active on to any projects appropriate now.  But attending for Headshop advancing to a theatre abreast you, and of advance Media